Kegerator & Jockey Rentals

At Keg N Bottle, we have the best options for enjoying fresh, cold beer on tap at parties and events in San Diego. We offer top-quality kegerators and jockey boxes for rent, so you can have cold beer, served just like a bar, for great rates.

We can also provide the kegs to go with them (we have 100s of types for you to choose from, including popular local craft beers) and even service/maintenance if you have a kegerator already.

About Our Kegerator Rentals in San Diego

Kegerators are ideal for events such as weddings, private parties and corporate events, offering cold delicious beer on tap, on site. We also have longer term kegerator rentals, ideal for offices, coworking spaces and man caves.

We can deliver the kegerator directly to you. Just let us know how many types of beer you want, and we’ll provide the best possible kegerator - and kegs, as needed. We have both a Kegerator Single Tower and a Kegerator on Wheels with a Triple Faucet. (We can also add tandem lines.)

We Provide Kegerator CO2 Refills in San Diego

If you have your own kegerator, bring your Co2 bottle in, and we will fill it for you. It’s only $3.00 per lb. (We also offer an ongoing keg service. If you sign up, you’ll receive maintenance and free Co2 refills.)

The Perfect Tailgate Beer Option : A Jockey Box

A 'Jockey Box' is a type of cold plate cooler; it’s a portable draft beer system that you hook up to dispense a keg. Here’s how it works:

  • Hook it up to the keg
  • Fill the cooler unit with ice and water
  • Turn on the gas
  • Pour ICE COLD BEER like a professional bartender

It’s as easy as that.
(No electricity required.)

This is the perfect portable option for delivering fresh, bar-status beer at an outdoor event like tailgating.

The Cost of Our San Diego Kegerators and Jockey Boxes

Here’s the cost for renting kegerators and jockey boxes. (There are deposit fees on top of these prices, as well. However, you will get your deposit money back when the equipment returned in good order within 2 days.)

  • Hand Pump : $10
  • Single Jockey Box Pump : $49.99
  • Double Jockey Box Pump : $59.99
  • Triple Jockey Box Pump : $69.99
  • Kegerator Single Tower : $79.99
  • Portable Bar with a Built-In Jockey Box : $99.99
  • Kegerator-on-Wheels Triple Faucet : $99.99
    • Add $10 per tandem line (Ask for details)

**Deposit fees range between $50 and $500 depending on the type of rental. You will get all the deposit money back if the rented item is returned safely within 2 days.

For monthly rentals, please inquire. Directly call (866) KEGS-4-YOU or (866) 534-7496.

Here are the sizes to help you determine what size keg will work for your group:

  • 1/2 Barrel/keg = 15.5 gallons and serves 165 12 oz beers (Largest keg)
  • 1/2 Barrel/keg = 13.2 Gallons and serves 120 12 oz beers (Euro size)
  • 1/4 Barrel/keg = 7.75 gallons and serves 82 12 oz beers (Also known as a pony keg)
  • 1/6 Barrel/keg = 5.0 gallons and serves 55 12 oz beers (Smallest size)

Get More Information on SD Kegerator and Jockey Box Rental

We’re happy to give more information or take your order. Simply give us a call at 619-265-0482 or (866) 534-7496.

OR directly call the San Diego location closest to you:

P.S. Perhaps your party or event has other needs. Still looking for wine, spirits, bartenders or high quality catering? We can provide one all-inclusive price that covers bartending, alcohol and/or catering. We partner with two fantastic restaurants, El Toro del Cerro and K&B Bistro & Bar, to make catering and alcohol needs a one-stop-shop package. If interested, just let us know when you call at 619-265-0482or (866) 534-7496.