Not Your Father’s Bourbon: The Story Behind This Small-Town Craft Whiskey

Not Your Father’s Bourbon: The Story Behind This Small-Town Craft Whiskey

Not Your Father’s Bourbon is a new craft whiskey/bourbon on the market (it was recently released in 2017) known for being approachable, highly drinkable, and boasting a ridiculously smooth finish. And that’s not all! The story behind this new spirit goes back several years to the small town of Wauconda, Illinois.

Small Town Beginnings

Small Town Brewery has been brewing hard root beer in Wauconda for years; in fact, they were the original creators of the drink, and they still produce it today in a variety of formats that go all the way up to a whopping 19.5% ABV. They have also started producing alcoholic ginger ale and cream soda, as well (with equally original names like Not Your Father’s Vanilla Cream Ale, Not Your Father’s Mountain Ale, and Not Your Mom’s Iced Tea).

Given all of that success, the company decided to make its foray in the distillery side of the business; and so, Small Town Craft Spirits was born. Their first venture? Not Your Father’s Bourbon, coming in at a decent 43% ABV (86 proof).

Bourbon With a Twist

The people at Small Town Craft Spirits wanted to celebrate the rich history and heritage behind bourbon but were looking to create an option with a unique flavor twist and finish – different than what you’d typically expect. They saw an opportunity to break ground in this category with a unique and accessible flavor profile that stands out from competitive bourbon brands.

The distinctive blend of ingredients combined with the brand's smooth finish creates a spirit that is far from ordinary, and while most flavored whiskeys taste more like the flavor than the whiskey, Not Your Father’s believes that the whiskey is the most important part. The result? A touch of Madagascar vanilla was added – just enough to enhance the flavor, not mask it.

Created to be approachable for all spirits drinkers, Not Your Father's Bourbon appeals to those who want to savor the traditional taste of bourbon, on the rocks, as well as to those who prefer enjoying their bourbon in a mixed drink. Try mixing it with Not Your Father's Root Beer for an even more indulgent cocktail!

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