Unsung Hiro: How to Evolve with Healthier Cocktail Trends

Unsung Hiro: How to Evolve with Healthier Cocktail Trends

Oh, how times have changed. In the era of #BodyGoals motivational selfies, personal trainer apps, and all-natural, better-for-you food on every corner, what becomes of Happy Hour? And just how do you celebrate all those calories you burned at spin class? Unfortunately, most of those "classic cocktails" you may have in mind can pack a punch to your waistline with heaps of sugar, loads of preservatives and allergens galore - which make us wonder, "is it really worth it"?

"The standard 1.5 ounce serving of 80-proof alcohol has 96 calories, even before you add any mixers. A 6-ounce serving of orange juice has 84 calories, but add a shot of alcohol to make it a screwdriver, and the calories more than double." - according to Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD via WebMD. And that’s just the calories we’re talking about - it doesn’t scratch the surface on the number of preservatives and additives in most liquor, high levels of acidity, or carbohydrates from sugar. And, what happens when you pair those cocktails with a couple greasy appetizers or that impulse dessert that inevitably happens after one too many?

So, what is low in calories, histamine-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, Sulfite-free, low in acidity, and contains nearly no sugar... No, it's not a rhetorical question or an excerpt from How to Make Your Bartender Hate You - it's Hiro Sake. And, spoiler alert: it tastes like pure magic.

Hiro hails from the mountainous region of Japan, in the Niigata prefecture, the premier sake-producing region. Hiro is a traditionally brewed rice wine, from the master brewers of the Taiyo Shuzo Brewery, and is exported fresh, without the use of preservatives or additives, to ensure you receive one of the finest sakes available for purchase. A five-time medal winner at the San Francisco International Wine Competition, Hiro Sake, proves itself to be a winner in not just quality but also by being one of the "cleanest" alcoholic beverages one can consume. More information about Hiro can be found on the company website www.hirosake.com, on Facebook / Twitter @hiro_sake, and on Instagram @Tryhirosake.

What's in it for you? Well, remember those classic cocktails we were talking about? Hiro is going against the grain, pun intended, to position itself as a healthier alternative to your average vodka, gin, tequila, rum or even white wine. Imagine, your favorite mule with low-calorie Hiro instead of vodka, weighing in at only 39 calories per serving. Or a mouth-watering mojito, with Hiro Sake (containing less than 1g of sugar per serving), instead of traditional rum made from sugar cane. Love margaritas but not hangovers? Hiro's got your back! Or, picture the perfect martini, lightened up with histamine-free, Sulfite-free Hiro Sake, so you can bid farewell to the usual side-effects of drinking. Need to "mind your P's and Q's"? Opt for a single snifter of ice-cold Hiro Sake Junmai Gingo (aka Hiro Blue / Hiro Blue Label) to pair with your seafood dinner, instead of multiple glasses of white wine to stay as fit as a fiddle! These delectable substitutions are literally limitless and the answer is always the same... Hiro Sake.

With the hottest cities in the country picking up on the craze, San Diego has followed suit with the Sake-cocktail movement in NYC, Miami, and San Francisco. You can find Hiro on menus at some healthier hot-spots Downtown, in stores along the coast, throughout major hubs in South Bay, and now at the K'nB Bistro in Del Cerro for a smashing price. Feel like having Hiro delivered to your door? Have it before Uber Eats can deliver your sashimi via Keg 'n Bottle on Amazon Prime Now.

Looking to create your own ultra-light crowd-pleaser that's easy like Sunday morning? Try this... 

Super-Skinny Watermelon MojiHiro

INGREDIENTS:Super-Skinny Watermelon MojiHiro

  • 2oz Hiro
  • 2oz Watermelon Juice
  • 10 Fresh Mint Leaves (muddled)


Add all ingredients to a shaker, over ice, and shake for two minutes, or blend - if you're feeling fancy. Feel free to top off with a splash of Club Soda or Sparkling Water for an extra calorie-free fizz.

Pour into your very best crystal and toast to "the good life" because you, my friend, are making a smart decision - saying Yes to life, and No to sabotaging your system with sub-par libations…

Kanpai and Cheers, to your health!


Writer: Sara Abbas

Bio: Sara Abbas is a San Diego-based entrepreneur, recording artist, wellness expert, fitness enthusiast, and author of Supremely Being: Demystifying the Deep Cleansing Process

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