Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey (Queen of Kentucky #2) - Mash & Journey & Keg N Bottle Private Barrel Pick 750 ml

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Back on April 28, 2021, Jason from The Mash and Drum took a trip to Kentucky with his mom Mary. Not only was it her first time in Kentucky, but she had no idea she would be part of a Mash and Journey Bulleit Barrel pick! Mary has become quite the bourbon drinker over the last few years and she couldn't wait to dive into the selections. With the help of Brian, Tammy, and Dustin, we selected two 11-year-old bourbons using a 20% rye mashbill that's full of complexity, balance, and spice. 

We named these picks the "Queen of Kentucky" in honor of Mary and her first pick. She loved these barrels and we hope you do too! See our tasting notes below:

"Queen of Kentucky"

2 of 2 Barrel: 2-E3-0565
PO# 11518043, LOT# L1084ZE016, 180 Bottles

For those of you that want a bit more of that rye influence in your bourbon, this barrel brought some mint chocolate chip notes, spice, and bright strawberry notes to balance it out. This is like sipping on chocolate-covered fruit laced with black pepper and honey. A unique pour that stood out and 


Nose: Mint, chocolate, honey, black pepper, strawberry, caramel and vanilla extract, rich oak, and spice. 

Palate: Honey, strawberry, apricot, chocolate, oak. This bourbon evolves on the palate with mint, fruit, and chocolate notes. Each time you go back to it there is a new flavor to discover. Spicy and sweet finish that balances out the 11-year oak influence. 

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