Balcones True Blue Cask Strength Single Barrel Corn Whiskey - “OH YEAH” - Bourbon Pursuit Private Barrel Pick 750 ml

About This Item

Selected blind by Kenny, Ryan, and Tony on August 24th-2020 from a group of 6 whiskeys.  When sampled, it had aged a total of 56 months.  Aging started in used American Oak for 14 months before spending 42 months in used Buffalo Trace barrels.  Entry proof was 116, and at tasting was estimated to be around 118.  This was sample #3 and eventually took on the name BAZOOKA for its bubble gum notes.

Notes of Bazooka bubble bum, dark soda flavors of sarsaparilla, root beer, vanilla float, with a boulevardier amaro finish.  Yum.

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