Rebel Single Barrel Bourbon 3-PACK (Barrels 7654702, 7654725, 7633391) - Bourbon Pursuit & Keg N Bottle Private Barrel Pick 750 ml

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On May 18th, 2021 Kenny, Ryan, Paul, and Jason met up at Mammy's Kitchen & Bar in Bardstown for their traditional Pre-Selection meal.  They needed to make sure they had a full belly, as they got ready to select a whopping 6 barrels from a total of 12 samples (3 Ezra's, and 3 Rebels).

All of the samples were contract distilled by Heaven Hill and were between 4 & 5 years old at the time of selection and ranged in proof from 122-128 (Ezra barrelled in Spring 2016, and Rebel barrelled in Spring 2017).  The team had no problem isolating 6 terrific barrels and was so impressed by how well the barrels were drinking at that age.  We hope you enjoy collecting all 6.

Mashbills (Contract distilled by Heaven Hill), Bottling Proof 120

  • Ezra Brooks:  78%. Corn, 10% Rye, 12% Malted Barley
  • Rebel:  68% Corn, 20% Wheat, 12% Malted Barley

Barrel 7654702 - Mysterio

  • Nose -  An inviting nose, spongey and sticky, with sweet orchard fruits and honey - think green apple, cotton candy, and caramel.
  • Taste - The palate opens to cinnamon frosting, sweet grains roll across the palate interwoven with vanilla, and waves of Dutch apple pie.
  • Finish - A spiced, yet lovely decadence long and dense on the palate that has you coming back again and again.

Barrel 7654725 - Sandman

  • Nose - Airy and crisp on the nose, with fresh apple cider, cranberry, and caramel lingering.
  • Taste - The palate follows closely to the nose. While sweetened with salted caramel and vanilla, you have a pronounced spiced apple fruitiness that leads the pack.
  • Finish - The finish is dry, medium-long with a myriad of spices and gentle floral - ultimately finishing with dry oak, brown sugar, and vanilla cream.

Barrel 7633391 - Kraven

  • Nose - The nose is syrupy sweet with canned pear, bright yet fresh-baked apple pie, cherry, and lingering dry oak. It smells like it will be a bruiser and I’m so ready for it.
  • Taste - Flavors surge across the palate, dense and chewy and sweet and spiced all in one. Rich spiced vanilla draws down the tongue and leaves a beautiful Kentucky Hug with every sip.
  • Finish - Round, fruit-toned, sweet oak with layered apple, caramel, coconut, and vanilla continue on repeat in a long, playback linger. This has it all.

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