Clase Azul Gold Tequila (750 ml)

About This Item

Before dusk, there is a delightful moment when darkness embraces the light. This precious moment inspired this combination of spirits, pouring into a shimmering glass decanter fused to a night-colored ceramic base. 

Clase Azul Tequila Gold is an incomparable tequila joven, a blend that combines Clase Azul Tequila Plata with a special reposado tequila matured in French oak casks and an eight-year-old Extra Añejo aged in American whiskey casks and finished in sherry casks.

Tasting Notes

  • Color: Soft amber with golden sparkles.
  • Body: Medium body.
  • Aroma: Agave syrup, green apple, orange peel, fresh fig, raisins, light note of almond and walnut.
  • Taste: Toasted wood, fig, green olive, ginger, cocoa / dark chocolate.


  • Recommended with seafood and fish with high-fat content (tuna, salmon, octopus, lobster, shrimp, mussels, and clams) cooked with butter and yellow lemon (avoid limes).
  • Kalamata olive tapenade and brie cheese tapas.
  • Semi-bitter or white chocolate with citrus jam or citrus ice cream.

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