Nulu Toasted Rye Whiskey (Office Fail) - Bourbon Pursuit & Keg N Bottle Private Barrel Pick 750 ml

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On September 16th, 2001 Kenny, Tony, Andy, Adam, and Brian met up with Chase from Prohibition Spirits for what we thought was going to be a Bourbon and Toasted Bourbon selection.  He had the team taste through a couple of barrels that had been preselected which were great, but  Kenny asked him to find one more, just so they could be sure.  Chase was on a mission using his forklift to shift pallets around like building blocks.  Bingo, he found a barrel out of East Bernstadt Cooperage which was an unusual find, and it didn't disappoint.  Onto the Toasted barrel.  Chase found them 2 bourbons and wanted them to try 2 ryes.  Side by side the Rye was a clear and unanimous winner.  Another terrific selection and 2 barrels you are going to want to make sure you add to your collection. 

DETAILS:  Nulu Toasted Rye Whiskey, 116 proof, Barrel R92T, Age 5 years, distilled in IN.

  • Nose - The nose is much more classically rye than I remembered at the pick: candied mint, buttery, leather, and orchard fruits.
  • Palate - The palate is dry and saturating: stewed apples, wine-soaked grapes, graham cracker, buttered rye bread, orange peel, black pepper, tickling herbals that spark alongside the sides of the tongue. Sticky and bold.
  • Finish - slow toffee-like movement that rolls down the tongue with subtle charred marshmallow, toasted pecan, and lingering with clove.


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