Peerless Distilling Rye (Drunk Honey Pooh) - Bourbon Pursuit & Keg N Bottle Barrel Pick 750 ml

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On August 19th, 2020, Kenny and Ryan met up with the selection team in downtown Louisville to select our first barrel of Kentucky Peerless Rye.  


Our first Peerless barrel selection is in the books. And damn is it just pure honey and rye goodness.

Our day starts off, like every barrel pick in the area, with a trip to Feast BBQ. Fill up on some pork, brisket, fried pickles, and tater tots. 

Upon arrival at Peerless, we were greeted by John who runs the single barrel program. We went upstairs to the conference room where they have a table made out of steel and probably weighs 1000lbs. John brought out 3 samples and began to tell us some of the history behind Peerless and how they retained DSP-KY-50. Peerless also only produces 18 barrels a day. To put that in perspective, Heaven Hill does 2000 per day. 

We had 4 glasses in front of us and 1 of them was the standard small batch so we had a baseline. The bottle for each sample went around the table and everyone took a pour from it. We spent the better part of an hour talking and figuring out which one we liked the least. 

So it came voting time. Everyone had the chance to raise their hand for which barrel they wanted to eliminate. On barrel #1, Kenny and Ryan raised their hands and everyone kept theirs down. It might be the first time we've ever agreed on a barrel selection that easily. For #2, no hands were raised. #3 Everyone else raised their hands. It was a unanimous decision that #2 was the crowd favorite. It had all the good rye characteristics you would expect with a note of honey. It's not overly spicy or anything you will say is bold. It's sweet and easy drinking. The crowd favorite.

We talked about sticker ideas for a few minutes and decided on Winnie the Pooh with the bucket of honey on his head, laying on the floor, and holding a bottle of Peerless. Nailed it. 

After the selection, we went on a tour that lasted all of 15 minutes. As you can imagine with 18 barrels/day, it goes pretty quick. We did stop off at our barrel to do a few things. First is slapping a big 'ol 8" sticker on it. Then we filled up our 200ml bottle for the road. But before it was plugged up, a few of the guys took a turn doing a barrel chug and drank straight from the barrel. That was the first time I've witnessed it, a memorable moment for sure.

We're looking forward to selecting a Peerless bourbon barrel in the future. We tried one called "tobacco" that was unreal. 

Thanks to the selection team for traveling to be here with us. 

Cheers folks!!


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