Wilderness Trail High Rye Bourbon (Barrel S-A16-F7 "Sara's Variant") - It's Bourbon Night & Keg N Bottle Private Barrel Pick 750 ml

About This Item


On May 28th, 2021 Chad, Sara and fellow Patreon members Iverson, James, and Maasak met in person at the Wilderness Trail Distillery in beautiful Danville for a barrel pick of the High Rye Bourbon.  The selection process at Wilderness Trail is a true experience, and is especially memorable, hosted by the "Bourbon Buddha" Macaulay Minton.  Well, towards the end of the selection the team was stuck and placed a call to Keg N Bottle to ask if they could take 2 barrels as they just couldn't break the tie.  We give you the Chad & Sara Variant selections.  ENJOY.

Sara's Variant: Barrel S-A16-F7, LOT# 042517-BR21-5, Barrel Fill date - 04/28/17, Proof 116.
  • Nose - Bright citrus and herbal/floral notes with a hint of savory spice
  • Palate - A balance of sweet and savory, like honey BBQ, with notes of herbal tea and citrus
  • Mouthfeel - Oily
  • Finish - A medium-long finish that continues the play between savory & sweet
Tip: These would be excellent for food pairings; try Sara's variant with an appetizer or charcuterie board and Chad's variant with dessert! 

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