Wilderness Trail Rye Whiskey (Twin Barrel – Double Bubble) - Bourbon Pursuit & Keg N Bottle Barrel Pick 750 ml

About This Item

On July 30th, 2020 Kenny, Ryan, Jordan Moran, Anthony DeBoer, Brett Cornell, & Lucas Weavil headed out to the beautiful Wilderness Trail campus. Did you know that Wilderness Trail now produces more barrels per day than Wild Turkey, and they are on pace to become one of the largest distilleries in the state? Who knew? Dr. Pat Heist co-founder and Master Distiller sat down with Kenny and Ryan to record a Bourbon Pursuit episode, dropping amazing amounts of knowledge as only he can do. Then the team got down to business with their Sherpa for the day.

Macauley set them up in one of the tasting rooms with 3 bourbons and 3 ryes. The first rye they nosed was like double bubble gum, and Kenny was very drawn to this barrel. The second rye was fuuuunky, and smelled and tasted like Necco chalky wafers. The third one was just solid all around. It came down to the voting and it was a split decision between 1 and 3. After some back and forth and convincing, the team decided to let Kenny have barrel #1 since he lost on the bourbon (Kenny’s pity rye).

BARREL DETAILS – RYE WHISKEY, Barrel # 072816RY1-7, Rick: S8F1, First runs off the column still, 118 proof.

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