Sagamore Spirit Rye (Summer Pine) - Louisiana Bourbon Collective/Keg N Bottle Private Barrel Pick 750 ml

About This Item


Classic summer rye with a hint of pine and mint.  It's an easy sipper with nice rye spice on the finish.


Barrel #118, Batch 141/11-A1/02
Location F61R3, Barrel Fill Date 07/11/2014, Proof 110


Maryland-style rye goes back to the mid-1700s.  A lot of distillers in MD rectified, blended, and did all sorts of things with their whiskey.  To pay homage to the best flavors and techniques over the test of time and to get what we believe are the true characteristics of Maryland-style, we settled on blending high and low rye mash bills.  Everything that comes out of our distillery is a blend of these two mash bills.  The blends will vary, but everything is a blend.  The mash bills:

High Rye – 95% rye, 5% malted barley

Low Rye – 52% rye, 43% corn, 5% malted barley.

For our limited and rather exclusive Barrel Select program, we age our most promising barrels at our rickhouse at Sagamore Farm.  All of them are 53 gallon American oak to a medium char.  We send samples and eventually bottle at least a 6-year-old, 110 proof whiskey that is a blend of 80% high-rye and 20% low-rye.  Both the high rye and the low rye are aged separately.  Small samples are pulled from each to create the BS samples.  Our operations team takes the pairing of the high and low ryes together very seriously and don’t settle until they end up with very great tasting combinations.  This product will be 6-7.5 years old when it hits stores.  Once a selection is made, we blend the remainder and bottle the barrel.  We then dump the remaining into mass production to ensure that each barrel is 100% unique and that there will be no other product that tastes like it.

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