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Remembering the lawless, yet high spirited time of Speakeasies, Flapper Girls, Jazz, and the FoxTrot, SinShip taps into the excitement of the Prohibition era. During this period, floating party ships were placed in international waters off the coast of California which became known as Sin Ships. Gambling, booze, music, and dancing were offered on these popular ships. The Sin Ships disappeared after Prohibition rescinded. However, after a huge storm when there is low tide, the hull of the SS Monte Carlo can still be viewed beneath the sand on Coronado Island at Shipwreck Beach.

SinShip Spirits Charon the Ferryman Silver Rum is a unique rum unlike those in its category. Most silver rums tend to be vanilla forward, but theirs has banana notes up front, then transitions into an earthy finish. Some say smoky and spicy on the backend. It is distilled multiple times and is extremely clean and smooth especially for a silver rum.

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