Old Medley 12 Year Old 750 ML

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About This Item

  • EYE: Butterscotch
  • NOSE: Caramel, dark fruit, toasted grains, candied nuts, spice, vanilla and wood all march out in an orderly fashion. Never sniffed a bourbon and had the various aromas come out in what felt like an orderly fashion… interesting.
  • PALATE: The palate is more like the traditional layering of flavors I’m used to and I’m picking up notes of caramel, wood, corn, hazelnuts and spice in those layers. Some light touches of wood & herbs popup with a bit of vanilla custard towards the end.
  • FINISH: Medium length finish with notes of wood, vanilla custard and caramel.

Old Medley 12 years is the rebirth of a brand that’s been around since the 1930s and was started by Thomas Aquinas Medley. Like many old whiskey brands it’s changed hands many times over the years and was eventually discontinued. However the descendants (grandson and great-grandson) of Thomas have resurrected the brand and Old Medley is adorning liquor store shelves once again.

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