A.D. Laws Bottled in Bond Secale Straight Rye 750 ML

About This Item

  • NOSE: Distinctive Rye Note | Floral | Butterscotch | Mint
  • TASTE: Honey | Rye Spice | Orange Peel | Mint
  • FINISH: Spicy rye finish that bites the tip of your tongue mingled with orange peel that leads to a slow burn and huge surge in the back of your throat. (I love that surge!) It was very well balanced right up to the end where some bitter notes emerged.

Every drop of whiskey we sell is made 100% from grain to bottle at our distillery located in Denver, Colorado. We have never sourced one drop of whiskey and we never will. We let American whiskey’s four mother grains inspire us to not only create our four grain straight bourbon, but also to break each grain out into its own expression, showcasing its contribution to the bourbon.

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