Arette Artesanal Suave Reposado Tequila 700 ml

About This Item

Distilled from Blue Weber agave grown on the estate and organically farmed on a 300-hectare lowland site. Agave is roasted for 15 hours at 120° C and then rested for another 15 hours. Fermented for six to seven days with house yeast in El Llano's initial cement vat to around 4-5 percent abv. Eduardo Orendain distilled it twice in stainless steel pot stills with an internal copper condenser before aging it for 11 months in ex-Bourbon barrels.
The tighter cut of the distillate means fewer acetone flavors and emphasizes a mid-palate wash of mint, pepper, vanilla, and ripe apple and plum, with fruity-sweet flavor notes.
  • 40% Abv
  • 100% Blue Agave

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