Basil Hayden's Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey 750 ml

About This Item

Our newest addition to the family is making a name for itself by becoming our first rye whiskey with this distinguished of an age statement.

Bottled at 80 proof, the mashbill features a slightly spicy, yet approachable, rye resulting in an elegantly complex taste profile and a golden honey hue. This light, yet full-flavored, rye is sure to please any palate.

Appearance: In the glass it’s akin to a light golden liquid sunshine, if you could actually bottle such a thing.

Nose: Imagine taking Gramma’s semi-famous cinnamon enhanced apple sauce, sticking that in a charred oak barrel, and then sticking your nose in the barrel for a big ole sniff a few days later. It’s kinda like that. Probably.

Palate: Initially what I can best describe as a burnt raisin which then opens up to a rich toffee flavor finishing again with Gramma’s cinnamon applesauce. Not quite semi-famous, but definitely has potential.

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