Benromach 30 Year Old Scotch Whisky 750 ML

About This Item

  • 43% Abv
  • Nose: LOts Of Tropical And Soft Fruit &Ndash; Peach, Mango And Green Melon Especially &Ndash; With Wax, Chapstick, A Hint Of Licorice And Some Old Wood.
  • Palate: SOft And Fruity, With The Peaches From The Nose Joined By Sweet Apples And A Touch Of Perfectly Ripe Banana. The Licorice From The Nose Also Comes Through Along With Some Sugar Syrup, And Perfumed Wood That Slowly Gets Sourer As It Sits In The Glass.
  • Finish:&Nbsp;Good Old Wood (Capital Letters Very Much Intentional), Sour Apples And A Light Touch Of Woody Licorice Root.

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