Bookers Rye Limited Bourbon 750 ML

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About This Item

  • 68.1% Abv
  • Color:&Nbsp;Ruddy Caramel
  • Nose:&Nbsp;A Powerful Complex Ball Of Spice Bowls Out Of The Glass. Cinnamon, Anise, Nutmeg, Pepper And Dill Followed By Layers Of Oak, Citrus, Dark Fruit, Dark Sweets, Vanilla And A Light Bit Of An Almost Pine-Like Herbal Quality.
  • Palate:&Nbsp;Oak Planks Plop Down First, Laying The Path For That Complex Ball Of Spice To Come Rolling Down And Is Again Followed By Dark Fruit, Dark Sweets And Citrus Peels. As It Fades Out And Heads Towards The Finish It Picks Up A Bit Of Waxy Licorice And An Herbal Bergamot-Like Quality.
  • Finish: As Long As The Summer Day, With&Nbsp;Notes Of Spice, Oak, Dried Strawberries, Dark Sweets And A Mild Herbal Character.

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