Cabal Blanco Horsehead Tequila (100 ml)

About This Item

The word CABAL itself is rooted in the the Spanish word for gentleman, caballero, which compels the idea that one must aspire to their full potential. The inspiration behind the horsehead is derived from the Charreria and horse culture in Jalisco. This ties into the very essence of Jalicense culture. We raise our horses and agave much like we raise ourselves, nurturing from a young age with passionate resolve to become both a noble steed and noble in spirit.

Our Organic Blanco is the basis for all expressions, and is the purest product of carefully raised blue weber agave. We use local and naturally sourced water. Our partial natural
yeast and unique traditional cooking oven yields a bright and unparalleled sipping tequila.
Naturally sweet agave and vanilla shine through on both the nose and palate.

Tasting Notes: 

  • Color: Silver reflections, brilliant and crystalized
  • Nose: Floral Agave, citric notes
  • Palate: Sweet Agave, fresh, vegetal and earth

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