Calumet Farm Bourbon Whiskey 750 ml

About This Item


"The nose is dry and hay-like and seems to come from a heavily-charred barrel. The aromas are like if you are making a rich simple-syrup and trying to caramelize the sugars a little bit for deeper flavor. But in this case, you turned your back on the pot and the sugars burned. Back to the juice- slightly mellow after the burned flavor. Slight alcohol burn on the finish. Perhaps you should reserve this particular bottling for infusing with apples and cinnamon. "

The marketing spiel tells a tale about the owner of Calumet Baking Powder who in 1924 established a farm to breed horses. Over the years the farm took home eight Kentucky Derbies and two Triple Crowns. In reality, this is a(nother) sourced whiskey from an undisclosed distillery put in a pretty bottle.

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