Casa Noble Joven Single Barrel (750 ml)

About This Item

Craving a higher-quality, superior tequila, we became one of the first to distill tequila three times. Achieving the finest tequila we’ve ever tasted, plus the characteristics and aromatic essence that are uniquely Casa Noble.

Our devotion to preserve the land is present in everything we did. From establishing agave fields on a high altitude estate, to making our own compost, we continue giving back to nature because of everything it’s given us. We nurture and harvest our 100% Blue Weber agave in the rich, volcanic soil of our high-altitude fields on the mountains of western Jalisco, tended to until they reach full maturity.

Aged for 6 weeks in French oak barrels at 51% abv. 

Tasting Notes: Casa Noble Joven’s nose is aggressive with agave, giving it a strong herbal attack plus a light lemon note. On the palate, the theme continues, with strong notes of white pepper, green chile, and Tabasco heat. After a moment, a modest sweetness emerges, offering notes of light brown sugar and honey, with a lemon tea note developing further down the line. The finish is sharp and lasting.

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