Cascade Moon Edition No.1 Whisky (750 ml)

About This Item

Going beyond to create exceptional whisky is an arduous task- we take care and time in crafting our Cascade Moon Editions. Search out the flavors within our liquid and make some time to come explore our home in Tennessee- a magical place disconnected from mobile phone coverage and time.

Outdoors, under tarp, the light of gibbous moon, an old companion and a series of new adventures- Cascade Moon Editions was created for connoisseurs and the intrepid. Excellent and approachable describes our whisky but as ‘mellow and moonlight’ sums it up- all of our parcels are nose-selected and crafted for their mellowness.

Tasting Notes: Nose is bright and fruity, with notes of raspberries, pineapple and coconut. Surprising savory grain character on the palate with a hint of brothy salinity, and a delicate finish.

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