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LAST DAY: $10 Fixed Shipping - Free Shipping on All Orders $200+

Charbay Doubled and Twisted Lot No. 1 750 ML

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  • ABV 45%
  • Nose: Sweet cereal.
  • Palate: Cayenne pepper, lemon oil, and green herbs such as sage show up alongside vanilla of the oak.

Released in celebration of the distillery's 35th anniversary, this whiskey is made from a blend of aged whiskeys ranging in age from 3-7 years old. All whiskeys were double Alambic pot distilled from bottle-ready beer, two of which were custom-brewed beers made for Charbay by Bear Republic. The ratio of the blend is: 50% 3 year-old single malt, 30% 7 year-old aged stout whiskey, 20% 3 year-old aged pilsner whiskey. French and American oak were used for maturation. There were 660 cases produced of Lot No. 1.

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