Clyde May's Special Reserve Whiskey 750 ML

About This Item

Apple cider and apple juice galore, as the infusion of apple is highly noticeable. There are whispers of caramel, brown sugar and baking spices. The palate is like a sticky, caramel glazed red apple. Lots of butter and toffee, and hints of cinnamon. Fun and odd, this holds the middle between an apple brandy and a decent high-strength bourbon.

With a mashbill consisting of 55% corn, 30% rye and and 15% barley, this whiskey is aged from six to seven years in new, charred American oak barrels (char #4). The finishing process involves infusing the whiskey with dried apples and cinnamon which makes it an "Alabama-style" whiskey. It clocks in at 55% ABV.

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