Shaker & Spoon Bundle - Wodka, Blood Sweat Tears, & St. George

About This Item

Wodka Vodka:
  • Wodka is a crisp, smooth, mixable vodka with noticeable rye flavors and a hint of minerality. It's an outstanding value.

Blood Sweat Tears Vodka:

  • Ben Green triple distills Blood Sweat and Tears Vodka in Eugene, Oregon, using locally grown Pacific Northwest winter wheat and pure Cascade water. Out of a repurposed old laundromat, they grind, ferment, distill, freeze filter, and hand bottle everything.

St. George Vodka:

  • The St. George has a rich, round mouthfeel, it's soft and approachable. The addition of pear distillate to this vodka gives it a soft floral top note and a touch of sugar on the finish.

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