Coperies Single Malt Whiskey Francais (750 ml)

About This Item

COPERIES is a French Single Malt whiskey from a single distillery. Its elaboration is the result of centuries-old know-how for the production of the most prestigious of wine eaux-de-vie. First of all, the distillation, in a double pass, in Charentais copper stills, which gives round and elegant malt eaux-de-vie. Aging in French oak barrels, with a balance between new and old barrels, adds subtle spicy notes and silky tannins.

The result is a floral, fruity whiskey of unparalleled finesse. COPERIES is a very old word which, in old Charentais patois, means "harvesting". This referring to its French identity, but also beyond to its specifically Charentaise roots. The barley from which it comes is grown, malted and brewed in France, before being distilled and aged at the Distillerie Merlet & Fils.

Distillers for five generations in Charente-Maritime, Distillerie Merlet & Fils is renowned for its liqueurs, aperitifs and cognacs. With COPERIES, the family business is embarking on an exciting new adventure.

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