De Faveri - Prosecco Extra Dry - Treviso

About This Item

Overview: De Faveri is located in Vidor, the heart of the DOCG area of prosecco.​Founded in 1978 by Lucio and Mirella De Faveri and will continue onto the next generation with their daughter Giorgia and son Giordano.​ The family owns 21 ha of land (15 DOCG) allowing them to showcase the prosecco region’s diversity.​

A fresh, elegant sparkling wine filled with pleasing aromas typical of the best Proseccos. The flavor is delicately fruity. Glera grapes coming from the vineyards around the villages of Vidor and Croccetta del Montello.

Tasting Notes: Fruity, aromatic and agreeable, with fine and persistent bubbles.

Pairing: An irresistible accompaniment to both meat and fish-based savory snacks. Not to be excluded for spit roasted meats, especially chicken.

Points: 86, Wine Enthusiast

Format/ABV: 750ml/11.0%

In certain circumstances, a specific vintage may not be available. If this is the case, a comparable vintage of the same wine will be substituted for online orders. If shopping in store, please check the bottle for the appropriate vintage. If you have a question about a specific vintage that is in stock, please email

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