Derechito Tequila Mini Combo Set (4 x 50 ml)

About This Item

In own state terroir of Amatitan (1660 masl) after 6 -7 years of maturation, the blue agaves are cut by the Jimadores at the stroke of a coa. A tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation for several decades. Captain of Jimadores : "Filoso" Ralei

​After arriving at the factory, we cut the pineapples to facilitate their cooking into the ovens. Oven Chief:  El Norber

Once the pineapples are baked, we tear them with mills, in order to extract the juice from their fibers. In the extraction, we use pressured water injections on such fibers. Once the juice is obtained, the remaining fiber or bagasse is used as a natural fertilizer in our fields.

Then, we transfer it to the alambics to proceed to what is called first distillation, or ordinary distillation. After removing certain gases and alcohols in the second distillation, called rectification, we will obtain Derechito, with the aromas and notes that will make up its characteristic flavor.

This Combo Set Includes: 

(1) Derechito Tequila Blanco (50 ml)

(1) Derechito Tequila Reposado (50 ml)

(1) Derechito Tequila Anejo (50 ml)

(1) Derechito Tequila Extra Anejo (50 ml)

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