Detroit City Distillery - Peacemaker Gin 750 mL

About This Item

  • Brand: Destroit City Distillery
  • Type: Gin
  • Country: USA
  • Style: Gin
  • Tasting Notes: This is Michigan in a bottle. Smell the fresh water and pine a top a wind swept sand dune and feel the warmth and tradition of a white Christmas at the family farm.

    White pine, blue spruce, juniper, coriander and orange peel

  • Proof: 88

Inspired by the legend of the "tree of peace." this spirit pays homage to our origins. White pine and blue spruce planted by our founder over 20 years ago were harvested to create a gin that embodies the taste of the Great Lakes state. From the bounty of nature to the freshest water in the world, gin isn't just our way of life, it's our state of mind.

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