Doc Swinson's Exploratory Cask Dos Padres Bourbon (750 ml)

About This Item

Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished In Anejo Tequila Casks

Most aged tequilas are aged in barrels previously used to age bourbon, imparting vanilla and oak notes. We rarely see other spirits aged in tequila casks, and in Doc Swinson’s tradition of seeking out unique flavors, we thought we’d give it a shot. We chose some exceptional casks that had previously been used to age extra Añejo tequila before finishing our Blender’s Cut straight bourbon whiskey in them. As a result, we discovered notes of melon, tangerine, oak, white pepper, and soft leather that made for a complex, yet approachable, pour.

Limited release

Tasting Notes: Bright citrus, pepper, vanilla, and caramel with agave syrup in the finish

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