Doc Swinson's Lost Nectar Ex-Solera Rum Limited Edition (750 ml)

About This Item

This limited bottling of rum we blend and age in-house, designed specifically to influence the barrels we use in our Solera system. Our ex-bourbon casks are filled with this rum to impart its characteristics into the oak then emptied out. The now rum-soaked barrels are used in producing our awarded Doc Swinson’s Alter Ego Solera Method Rye Whiskey.

When explaining how we make our blend of rums for the Solera system we kept getting asked;“but where does the rum go?” So here it is!

Tasting Notes: 

  • Nose: Pineapple, apricot, whipped honey butter, tropical fruits and toasted oak
  • Palate: Pineapple rinds, apricots, caramel, cedar, palm sugar

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