Double Cross Vodka (750 ml)

About This Item

It began with a journey through heart of the vodka belt, an exploration of the world’s finest, yet undiscovered distilleries in the world. They found themselves deep in the Tatra Mountains of Slovakia, sipping a spirit so stunningly smooth, so gentle in its character, that we knew the search was over. In the 12th-century, Byzantine monks brought the double cross symbol to this vast mountainous region. They would honor the heritage of this noble spirit with a fitting title – Double Cross Vodka.

Each batch of Double Cross is seven times distilled and filtered, artfully handcrafted by a master distiller using the finest estate-grown winter wheat and Tatra Mountain spring water sourced from 200 foot deep aquifers. The distinctive mineral composition of the spring water, combined with the crisp, clean character of winter wheat results in a bright, yet smooth vodka with a soft, round mouth feel. There is a place where tradition and technology intersect to produce striking new results with a beautiful blend of art and science.

This is where their vodka was born. This is Double Cross.

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