Fremont Mischief Skagit Gold Straight Rye Whiskey 750 ML

About This Item

  • Velvety smooth, maple, slight oak, easy sipping

We have long thought Mischief’s unique, easy sipping Northwest flavor is rooted in the rare earth where our grain is sourced. The rich top-soil in the Skagit Valley is 30 feet deep – the top 1% of soil in the world.The varieties of rye grain that grow well here, in our rainy bioclimate, make for a very approachable rye whiskey.

We double distill the mash for Skagit Gold Rye. Our first distillation uses the entire mash, including the ground grain, for full flavor and full body. Our second distillation refines the distillate for smoothness. Lastly, we age in our finest “bespoke” barrels, made from American white oak, air-dried 24 months, custom toasted and charred #3. Studies have shown the natural microbial growth on the wood during those 24 months increases lactones and other desirable components for finest whiskey flavor. Without worrying too much about the chemistry, you can test this for yourself with every sip.

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