Greenbar Organic Grand Poppy Amaro (750 ML)

About This Item

Sophisticated and bitter sweet with intense flavors of flowers, roots, herbs and citrus. GRAND POPPY amaro is a California-inspired take on classic European amari. Greenbar Distillery makes it by marrying the best of California’s bounty – citrus from our favorite Southern California farms, coastal herbs and berries that the distillery founders, Melkon and Litty discovered on their hikes, and one very beautiful flower, the California poppy – to bring a new taste to cocktail lovers everywhere

How to use: Enjoy with sparkling wine, soda, or paired with silver tequila, vodka, or whiskey.GRAND POPPY amaro makes a wonderful aperitif and adds delightful complexity to cocktails. Try mixing equal parts hard spirit to GRAND POPPY amaro then using fresh lime juice and simple syrup as modifiers

Taste: Bittersweet with intense flavors of flowers, roots, herbs, and citrus

GRAND POPPYingredients: OrganicCalifornia poppy, orange, lemon, grapefruit, bearberry, California bay leaf, pink peppercorn, dandelion, blessed thistle, burdock, rue, artichoke, gentian, geranium, cherry bark, cane sugar

ABV: 20 (40% Proof)

Sweetener:100% cane sugar

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