Jaguar Vodka 750Ml

About This Item

Jaguar Vodka is a the worlds premier sugar cane molasses distilled vodka, imported from Barbados. Jaguar Vodka is gluten free and is also their flagship spirit among the line of Eco-Spirit beverage brands. With every drink of Jaguar Vodka, you can also enjoy knowing that you are helping to preserve 12 square ft. of rain forest through their partnered conservation organization.

Made from only the finest… Barbados’ coral and limestone rock provide a unique water-filtering medium. Water quality and purity are two of the most critical elements necessary to achieve super-premium vodka. Only the finest, pure sugar cane is harvested to make the molasses which Jaguar Vodka is distilled from. This gives Jaguar Vodka its unique, sweet aroma and flavor. Ultra smooth Distilled from sugar cane molasses Saves the rainforest with every drink Coral filtered water Gluten Free

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