Jameson Distiller's Safe (750ml)

About This Item

NOSE: From floral perfume, through fresh herbs, to lively spices, this special selection of distillates shows how the subtle delicate sweet notes of Irish grain whiskey can complement the more robust character of the Irish pot still whiskey

.TASTE: Starts off with barley sugar sweetness, progressing to hints of cinnamon and even a touch of liquorice. A vibrant note of mandarin orange appears alongside the nuttiness of ground almond

.FINISH: Stays light and zesty, with barley making a late appearance.

Distillers are the purists of whiskey making, and our Head Distiller, Brian Nation, fits that description to a tee. Having spent many years learning the finer points of the pot still, he is enthralled by what emerges from within the copper. The Distiller’s Safe is a tribute to the Irish pot still and reveals the true character of the distillate. In general, oak’s influence looms large over most Irish whiskey, but in order to showcase the craft of a distiller, Brian decided he needed to let the distillate take centre stage. Named after the instrument that allows Brian to fine tune a whiskey’s style, The Distiller’s Safe is relatively unaffected by the influence of oak. One sip speaks volumes about the beautiful complexity created by a pot still. Endowed with a smooth mouth feel, The Distiller’s Safe carries distinct sweetness from Barley Sugar and gentle notes of apricot, cinnamon and melon. Lighter than whiskey that’s been heavily influenced by oak, its finish is luminous and zesty. Long before barrels make their mark, a pot still has the first say. The Distiller’s Safe is a fitting testament to the iconic Irish Pot Still, and the craft required to master it.


John Jameson founded his distillery in Dublin in 1780 to realise his ambition of making the highest quality whiskey possible. Today Jameson is still made in our Single Distillery in Midleton, Co Cork, Ireland following our founder's tradition of using the finest ingredients and triple distillation to achieve our signature smoothness.

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