Karnobat Muscat Grape Brandy (750 ml)

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About This Item

"Karnobat Muscat Brandy" is the only Muscat brandy whose fragrance, using natural and ecological techniques, is completely environmentally friendly. Thanks to the exceptional terroir of the Karnobat region, the qualities of Muscat Ottonel, grown in the 'Vinprom Karnobat' vineyards, have no worldwide equivalent. The technologists of 'Vinprom Karnobat' boil the brandy in special vessels filled with silver filters to retain the delicate Muscat aroma that easily loses its intensity in the readymade beverage. They maintain the distillate's precious Muscat notes and purify it to perfection. The distinctive barrels of dogwood in which the "Karnobat Muscat Brandy" matures elegantly, accentuates the Muscat Ottonel aroma and improves the flavor of light vanilla tones.

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