Knob Creek Single Barrel Select Rye - "Tastes Like Rock Candy" - Bourbon Pursuit Private Barrel Pick 750 ml

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On September 21st 2020, Kenny, Ryan and Dave joined together for a virtual tasting of Knob Creek Rye single barrels.  They had 3 samples to select from, and pretty early on the group eliminated sample A due to its alcohol harshness.


Sample B jumped out strong with lots of candy notes, Cotton Candy, Rock Candy, brown sugar syrupy mouthfeel, and Ryan said it "Damn near tastes like a bourbon".  Kenny added water to try and simulate what it would be like when it was proofed down from 123.4 to 115.  Some of the Candy notes disappeared, and the finish was much shorter.


Sample C was a strong contender boasting lots of citrus notes, orange, and lemon zest.  Ryan said it was very vibrant and bright with fruit.  It has a wonderfully long finish with some lingering spice.  "Really good classic solid Rye all around".  The team added water to C to simulate proofing down from 123.4 to 115 and the finish really held up, and it started to bring forward some of the candy notes that sample B had.  This ended up as the clear winner.


BARREL DETAILS - Barrel C, barreled Dec 16th, 2014, Barrel 8699c, 123.4 proof, Warehouse J, Floor 4, Rick 49, Tier 3, 115 Proof.


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