Malinalli Anejo Tequila

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About This Item

  • 40% Abv
  • Color: Medium Long, Roasted, A Touch Smoky, But Far More Vegetal Than Anything Else, Rich In Agave Flavor.
  • Nose: The Initial Inhalations Detect Sturdy Aromas Of Dill, Pickle Brine, Salt, And Green Pepper; Later Sniffs Encounter Deeper, Slightly Toasted Fragrances Of Black Pepper, JalapeÑO, Toasted Almond, Linseed Oil, And Dried Dill; The Main Message Is That Agave Is Acutely Present And Not Overshadowed By Oak.
  • Palate: The Entry Flavor Is Delicately Salty, A Clear Signature Taste Of Roasted Agave, And Displays A Silky Texture That&Rsquo;S Firm And Compelling; Midpalate Flavor Range Includes Paraffin, Prickly Pear Juice, Toasted Almond, And A Slight Trace Of Wood Resin/Sap.
  • Overall: The Combination Of Core Substance, Satiny Texture, High Acidity, And A Superb Balance Between Oak Treatment And Agave Presence Make This One Of The Best Anejos Currently In The Marketplace

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