Melograno Craft Cocktails Variety Pack (12 Pack)

About This Item

We created Melograno as an alternative to hard seltzers, wine and spirits. Flavors elevated to create premium cocktails. Meticulously crafted for those who refuse to compromise.


(4) Cucumber Lime Mojito

A sophisticated take on a classic cocktail. The refreshing combination of cucumber and lime delivers a palate-pleasing finish.

(4) Pomegranate Cosmopolitan

Our signature flavor, as "Melograno" is “Pomegranate” in Italian. We have used this luscious and antioxidant fruit as our inspiration for an update on the classic cosmo.

(4) Orange Blossom Martini

With a delicate citrus influence, we have reinvented the martini with an aroma that is as delicious as the cocktail itself.

(4) Melon Margarita

Our delicate take on the everyday margarita delivers an unexpected fresh, sweet and well-rounded compliment to the tequila inspired cocktail.

    12 Pack, 12 oz

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