Obsello Absinthe (750 ML)

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About This Item

The Obsello is the first traditional distilled absinthe from Spain in decades. Made by American distiller Bryan Davis in Spain. It does present a little of the "Spanish" touch with citrus and mint.

Obsello is an authentic absinthe produced using the same distillation process as the legendary absinthe brands from 100 years ago. Our attention to quality starts with our choice of raw ingredients. The product is distilled from Eau De Vie of the Penedes wine stock (not beet or grain alcohol) and 9 whole herbs including authentic wormwood. No artificial coloring, flavoring, or extracts are used in the production of Obsello. Our distillery is strategically located at the base of the Pyrenees mountains in Northern Spain providing us with a high quality water source. The absinthe also caries with it a unique sweetness derived from the use of Alicante anise, a special breed of anise regarded as the highest quality in the world. The subtle hints of vanilla and the creamy texture are derived from the principal ingredient, wormwood, and a set of proprietary distillation techniques. Most importantly to the American consumer: Our absinthe is absinthe exactly as it was 100 years ago and does produce a markedly different intoxication as compared with plain alcohol. More importantly it also tastes great!. "If you see it, buy it" -Markus Hartsmar The Obsello was entered into the 2008 San Fransisco World Spirits Competition and was awarded a bronze medal.

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