Ouzo Katsaros Liqueur (750 ml)

About This Item


The Katsaros family (established at 1856) produces their products with the experience of four generations behind them and the secrets of tradition well-kept and passed on from generation to generation.
We are proud of our grandfather’s efforts and our efforts which have been justified by being awarded in many international fairs with the medals which adorn our label.

The Greek summer and spirit of freedom travels to small islands drenched in the colors of the Aegean. Friends gather at beaches and the countryside, courtyards and balconies. The summer aromas of jasmine and honeysuckle mix with the sweet sound of glasses colliding together. The senses surrender and the fun begins!
And the leading role in this camaraderie… is the Ouzo.


  • ABV: 38%
  • 750 ml

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