Pasote Reposado Tequila

About This Item

  • 40% Abv
  • Color: Light Golden
  • Nose: The Distinctive Herbal Aroma Of Roasted Agave Is Delicately Balanced With Subtle Notes Of Ripe Coconut And Sweet American Oak.
  • Palate: Lusciously Supple And Warming, This Agave Liquor/Tequila Is Rich With Softly Mellowed Flavors, Thanks To Six Months Of Barrel Aging In American Oak. The Fruit-Forward Taste Of Roasted Agave Melds With Fresh Floral Notes And Subtle Hints Of Sweet Vanilla.
  • Finish: Very Smooth And Very Long, Lingering On Sweet And Clean&Ndash;A Taste To Savor And Anticipate In The Next Delectable Sip.&Nbsp;&Nbsp;&Nbsp;&Nbsp;

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