Peach Street Colorado Straight Bourbon 750 ML

About This Item

As you bring this whiskey up to your face you smell big vanilla, and bold oak character with notable cinnamon and baking spice. Delicate undertones of Baker’s chocolate and baked red delicious apples follow. With your first sip, you taste rich vanilla, cinnamon and corn, with a hint of bright citrus peel. The flavors are rounded out with cooked apple, lingering baking spice and delicate toasted oak characteristics. The finish is short although the flavors of vanilla and cinnamon do linger.

Peach Street Distillers produce their small batch bourbon in a single 1 and 1/3 barrel batch each day at their humble distillery on the western slope of Colorado in a small farming town known as Palisades. Their bourbon starts with open fermentation of a wash consisting of 60% Colorado corn, 20% rye and 20% two-row malted barley before being distilled only once. It is aged for a minimum of two years before being bottled at 92 proof in hand-numbered bottles.

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