Peerless Single Barrel Bourbon (Peerless Horseman) - Bourbon Pursuit & Keg N Bottle Barrel Pick 750 ml

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I wasn't sure we would ever actually see these Peerless Barrels.  The team selected them on October 25th, 2021.  We'd seen other whiskey clubs that selected barrels around the same time have their barrels come and go, and we even saw one of them show up at a Louisiana retailer.  Well, good things come to tot those that wait, and we've had our share of waiting over the last few years.  Please enjoy our first-ever Bourbon pick from Peerless, "PEERLESS HORSEMAN".


Barrel Date 10/31/2016, Bottled 02/07/2022, Proof 117.6, 58.8% ABV

TASTING NOTES: by Brian Beyke

  • Nose:  Beginning, the nose to this one takes me back to freshly dumped barrels in the rickhouse.  It's rich with dark fruits, anise, charred oak, and a thick toffee-like, slightly vanilla-toned sweetness. It’s quite perfumed, especially the longer it lingers.
  • Palate:  The palate coats immediately - medicinal cherry and grape, licorice, welcomed deep spice, and heavily charred oak. Fans of a particular distillery in Lawrenceburg may find comfort here.
  • Finish:  This lingers silky and long, filled with slightly musty, candied dark fruits and more of that smoked oak.

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