Prichards Rye Whiskey 750 ml

About This Item

  • Aromas of spicy rye, tobacco, red apples, and a light cider funk are found to begin with followed by hints of anise and undertones of dark red fruit and honey. The flavors of caramel, vanilla, cinnamon and bright spicy notes of a clove-studded holiday orange are bold and have the suggestion of oak and Baker’s cocoa. The finish is subtle and moderate in length with notable rye spice, dusty wood and a creamy texture that begs for you to revisit the glass.

With a rich history in distilling reaching far back into the early 1800’s, Phil Prichard is carrying on five generations of tradition by continuing the family business. Prichard's Rye is produced in the first new distillery built in Tennessee since Prohibition, founded in 1997. The new distillery is located just a few miles south of where Phil's great-great-great grandfather distilled whiskey nearly two centuries ago in Kenslo, Tennessee. Prichard’s Rye is being produced from a mash of 70% Rye, 15% Corn and 15% Malted Barley, aged in small, charred American oak casks for three to five years before being bottled at 86 proof.

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