Pura Vida Don Pancho Coffee Liqueur 750 ml

About This Item

  • Brand: Pura Vida
  • Type: Liqueur
  • Country: Mexico
  • Style: Coffee Liqueur
  • Proof: 80 proof

Don Pancho Coffee Liqueur is made from the finest 100%, hand-selected Arabica coffee beans and flavorful sugar cane spirit, both grown in the hills of Veracruz and processed in small batches at the La Madrillena distillery – the same distillery that makes our NARANJA Orange Liqueur.

The journey from pure sugar cane and hand-selected coffee beans to the final decadant Don Pancho Coffee Liqueur is a long one…but the final product is well worth the time.

The coffee, harvested from October to March, is air-dried and the external papery layer called the husk is removed. The dried coffee is aged for at least six months, then roasted to perfection in small lots, ground and brewed to meet our unique taste profile.

Once the sugar cane is ready for harvest, it is crushed and juice is collected. Crystalline sugar is extracted from the reduced juice, and the resulting molasses is fermented to begin the distillation process until it reaches its final proof.

Finally, the coffee extract is combined with the sugar cane spirit as well as vanilla and caramel before it rests for eight weeks and is ready to be filtered, bottled and enjoyed.

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