Rare Character Single Barrel Rye Finished in PX Sherry Casks (KISS) - Rare Bird 101 & Keg N Bottle Private Barrel Pick 750 ml

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OVERVIEW: by David Jennings

At long last, the day has arrived! I’ve been dreaming of this whiskey since I finished the last sip of my take-home sample bottle months ago. Of course, I’m talking about our Rare Character PX sherry rye, “Kiss.” This was an immediate favorite of the barrels we tasted at Neat back in June. Between this and Plume, it was painfully difficult to say which was best.

But now that I have the final product (which rested an additional three months in the PX cask), will I feel the same?

Let’s pour!


Rare Character Whiskey Single Barrel Series - Rare Bird 101 "Kiss" - 113.16-proof straight rye whiskey finished in a PX sherry cask - aged five years, nine months - distilled in Indiana (MGP 51/45/4 mash bill), bottled by Rare Character Whiskey, Stanford, KY

Tasted neat in a Glencairn …


  • Nose:  Chocolate-covered raisins, cellar oak, medicinal grape, brandied cherry, saddle leather
  • Taste:  Prickly jam, boujee trail mix, zesty oak, dried fruit, vibrant holiday spice
  • Finish:  Notably long finish w/ sweet & savory spice, “peppery plum,” spiked fruitcake, leather, hints of maple syrup & almond extract

Impression: Call me crazy, but if there’s a better PX sherry rye out there, I want to know about it. Rare Character “Kiss” showcases everything I love about finished American whiskey, primarily, boosted complexity without sacrificing balance to get there. And to know this rye is only five years old … it almost boggles the mind. There are absolutely no youthful profile notes - zero, zilch, not a single one. As for the PX sherry influence, it’s undeniable, yet perfectly measured and well-integrated, with Raisinets, well-worn leather, vibrant spice, and traces of cellar funk.

If you missed out on Plume, now’s your chance to make up for it. Hell, on every other day I’d rank Kiss over it. It’s that good. And for those who aren’t fans of the typical MGP rye profile, note that this is the less-common 51% rye recipe. In other words, there’s no dill in this whiskey. Do you have to be a sherry fan to love it? Not necessarily. It’s no “sherry bomb,” so you’ll find plenty of rye whiskey character. All the same, it’s not your everyday rye profile either. It’s sophisticated, curiously robust, and laced with lively spice. It’s an ideal holiday whiskey, no doubt about it.

Rare Character Kiss drops Friday, November 18th, with details to come in the next day or two. So keep an eye on the Discord #barrel-select-info channel. I should have an update for y’all shortly.




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