Sake High Premium Junmai Sake (4 Pack)

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About This Item

It started in the mountains of Japan, where we had one of the best nights of our lives. Surrounded by new friends from around the world, we were creating unforgettable memories, all while drinking sake. The chef saw our joy and appreciation of the experience and connected us to a brewery whose mission is tomspread the love of sake worldwide.

Junmai is the Japanese word for “pure rice sake.” Junmai sake refers to non-additive sake, meaning that our sake has just four ingredients, all locally sourced in Kyoto: water, rice, yeast, koji.

While Junmai sake can be served hot, warm, at room temperature, and chilled, Sake High! is best served chilled. Our sake has a full body flavor, with slight fruit and acid notes, pairing well with most cuisines.

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